News-NCFR is More than Heat & Flames

Many believe that today’s fire departments respond to only fires.  This could not be further from the truth for North Collier Fire Rescue, an All Hazards Response Agency. In addition to all of our firefighters being either EMT and/or Paramedic certified, the District also utilizes Special Operations Teams that include technical rescue, dive, hazmat, air rescue and MERT or Marine Emergency Response Team.  Here is just one of our response efforts from our MERT Team.

On April 13, 2019, NCFR Special Operations MERT (Marine Emergency Rescue Team) Team responded to two stranded kayakers at Clam Pass Trail. Their kayak had overturned and was full of water preventing the kayakers from getting back in and kayaking back to safety.  After texting a friend of their peril, 9-1-1 was notified and NCFR MERT Team was dispatched including Beach Patrol 41 and 44 and Ladder 44. NCFR crews utilized a motorized paddleboard to locate the kayakers who were found in chest high water. Crews assisted in uprighting the kayak and guiding the kayakers back to their launch point. Thankfully, the kayakers were not injured.

Great job to our MERT Special Ops Team – all in a day’s work at North Collier Fire Rescue. More Than Heat & Flames.