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Are you prepared for flooding?

Collier County’s terrain is very flat and sits just 3’ above sea level. When you add in our propensity for severe thunderstorms and hurricanes during the summer months, flooding can be expected with some areas at higher risk.

Collier County mainly deals with two types of flooding:

Coastal Flooding

Coastal flooding, or surge flooding, is primarily caused by tropical storms and hurricanes. As Collier County best describes, because tropical systems spin in a counterclockwise direction, the highest storm surge occurs along the coastline just south of the center of the approaching storm. The combination of atmospheric pressure differences in the storm and the effect on the Gulf waters from the high wind speeds creates a “mound” of seawater that is pushed onshore. Surge flooding can occur quite rapidly with extremely damaging impacts to structures and quickly create life threatening conditions.

Rainfall-Induced Flooding

Florida’s climate lends itself to a summer wet season that is offset by a winter dry season and is vital to our region’s environment. Collier County estimates that approximately 80% of the 52” average annual rainfall occurs during the months of May through October, with approximately 65% of that occurring during the months of June through September. This excessive rainfall can create flooding in many areas of our county.

Know Your Flood Hazard


Is Your Area Prone to Flooding?

Find your location on FEMA’s Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM). The DFIRM shows the areas subject to flooding from coastal surge as well as rainfall and delineates broad areas subject to shallow flooding.

Use FEMA DFIRM / Collier County Flood Map Now

Collier County Storm Surge Map

Based on the National Hurricane Center’s Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricanes (SLOSH) model.

View Collier County Storm Surge Map Now

Collier County Flood Insurance Info

Useful information from Collier County about flood insurance requirements.

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National Flood Insurance Program

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Department of Homeland Security Flood Info

View Dept of Homeland Security Flood Info

FEMA Flood Maps.

View FEMA Flood Maps