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The North Collier Fire Control & Rescue District’s Training Center will be providing the following classes:

September 18-22, 2017
Private Fire Protection Systems 1 (Course Approval #79956)

This is a study of Private Fire Protection and Detection Systems such as sprinkler and standpipe systems, chemical extinguishing systems, and detection systems and devices. Each system is discussed as to its need, construction, preventative maintenance and individual uses. CLICK HERE to learn more and register


Construction Documents & Plans Review (Course Approval #79959)

This curriculum is geared towards teaching the student how to assimilate information contained in working, drawing, and specifications as they relate to the fire inspector. The curriculum includes how to interpret conventional graphic communications. Accepted standards and conventions are introduced. Symbols, abbreviations, principles of technical projection, as well as a review of geometry are included. Related worksheets are used to allow for applied experience of finding and interpreting information from authentic drawings. CLICK HERE to learn more and register


October 16 – 20, 2017
Private Fire Protection Systems 2

This course is an in-depth discussion of pre-engineered system’s and portable systems: design, extinguishing agents, inspection procedures for code compliance and enforcement and alarm systems. CLICK HERE to learn more and register


OCTOBER 2-6, 2017
Company Officer (Course Approval #79958)

This course is designed to assist fire officers in solving the varied problems and situations they will be required to manage effectively in today’s ever changing fire service. The curriculum includes a review of fire department organization and administration, management theory, leadership, communications, motivation and group dynamics. CLICK HERE to learn more and register


NOVEMBER 13-17, 2017
Cause and Origin

The curriculum in this course is designed to provide the foundation of the investigation of fires. It will assist in the determination of the origin and cause of a fire. Specific topics include fire behavior review, investigator ethics, construction, ignition sources, fire patterns and scene reconstruction. Special topics include electrical fire investigation, woodland fires, vehicle fires, mobile home fires, RV & boat & ship fires. Additional topics include special emphasis on fire scene documentation and photography. This course follows the requirements for qualifications as a fire investigator as set for in the NFPA 1033 Standards for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators. CLICK HERE to learn more and register


DECEMBER 4-8, 2017
Fire Chemistry

This is course is designed to show the arson investigator the different forms of matter and energy, common substances, and how they relate to fires. The chemical formulas of flammable and combustible substances, their bonding, and separations, as well as the different chemical reactions related to fire and oxidation are covered. Particular emphasis is placed on the specific substances used by arsonists to ignite and accelerate burning. CLICK HERE to learn more and Register

TIME: All classes will be held from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm unless otherwise notified.

LOCATION: Station 45: 1885 Veterans Park Drive, Naples, Florida 34109

FEE: $160.00 per class

For questions, please call 239-552-1355.

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