In light of the recent events in which ‘imposter’ fire inspectors are approaching businesses, removing existing extinguishers and charging for a new one, The North Collier Fire District is fielding questions similar to this situation;

Q:  “If an unsolicited, unfamiliar fire extinguisher service technician comes into my business to service my fire extinguisher(s), am I obligated at that time to use his particular services?”

A:   No. Here’s why; Though businesses and multi-family dwelling communities are required by fire code to have up-to-date and serviced fire extinguishers and fire protection systems, they are not obligated to have them serviced by an unfamiliar company demanding that it be done immediately – they have the freedom to research and choose a company that they feel is capable and reliable. In general, the selected company shall be licensed in the State of Florida, the equipment supplied shall be listed by a recognized testing laboratory (such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) and guaranteed for 1 year, and shall furnish all manufacturers’ information on maintenance and proper use – all which is mandated by applicable Florida statutes.

Please direct questions or concerns to the North Collier Fire Prevention Bureau at (239) 597-9227