Do you have questions about Hurricane Irma yard debris pickup? Collier County has the answers. Click HERE for FAQs which address everything from how many more times yard debris will be picked up on your street to will yard debris be picked up inside a gated community.

Here are a few reminders from Collier County:

Residents are asked to place all Hurricane Irma-related yard debris curbside in the right-of-way as soon as possible. The right-of-way is the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement. If you do not have a sidewalk, ditch or utility easement in front of your house, place the debris at the edge of your property before the curb.

• Place storm-related yard debris in a separate pile.
• Do not mix yard debris with household trash or construction/demolition debris. Yard debris must be kept in a separate pile. Piles of yard debris mixed with other waste will not be collected.
• Do not put yard debris in bags. Only loose debris will be collected.
• Only stumps that are fully extracted and placed on the right-of-way will be collected.
• Do not mix normal yard waste with storm-related yard waste; only storm-related debris will be collected.
• Do not allow debris to go into drainage swales or driveway culverts since that can create blockages and inhibit drainage.
• Do not put household hazardous waste (paints, solvents, etc.) on the right-of-way.

Residents are reminded to be careful of where they place debris piles. Do not stack or lean debris near or on trees, utility poles, downed power lines or other structures including fire hydrants, water meters, backflow prevention devices or mailboxes as that makes removal difficult and could lead to property damage. Avoid blocking the road, driveways and sidewalks.

For more information, call Customer Service at (239) 252-2380.