High Rise Safety Class for Managers, Owners, Employees and Residents


Ask yourself these questions to assure a safe environment for your residents and staff:

  • Do you have a fire evacuation plan in case of an emergency?
  • Is your plan approved by North Collier Fire Prevention Bureau Team?
  • Are these plans shared with employees and residents of your building on a regular basis?
  • Can your building be evacuated without interfering with arriving firefighters?
  • Are there areas of safe refuge in your building for a lateral evacuation?
  • Are there options available for residents with disabilities such as stair chairs?
  • If a fire starts, will it be detected properly? How?
  • What are your procedures for contacting 9-1-1? Are instructions understood by staff?
  • Is there a provision for heating, air conditioning, and smoke control in your building?
  • Is there an emergency communications system in place? Overhead enunciator? Radios?
  • Does the building have area or floor wardens trained in handling emergencies?
  • Are fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, fire pumps and emergency generators ready to use if needed?
  • Are all exit doors clear and free from obstructions?
  • Will security measures such as locking doors interfere with evacuating residents or arriving firefighters?
  • Is the Pre-planning Office aware of your floor plans or changes to your building?

To schedule your High Rise Evacuation Class, please complete our online firm. A member of our staff will contact you back.