FF Chris Power, FF William Szczepkowski, DE Adam Abadir, Capt.Tab Custer, FF Jose Gomez and FF Ryan Bellamy.

On May 20, 2019, the following NCFR personnel were recognized with Phoenix Awards by Collier County. Congratulations to all!

-Engineer Adam Abadir
-Firefighter Dario Aviles
-Firefighter Ryan Bellamy
-Captain Tab Custer
-Firefighter Jose Gomez
-Engineer John Harlem
-Firefighter Albert Heasley
-Firefighter Chad Moore
-Lieutenant Shawn Morris
-Firefighter Chris Power
-Firefighter William Szczepkowski
-Firefighter Victor Yedra

Collier County Emergency Medical Services Department (EMS) has adopted the Phoenix Award to recognize persons from Collier County EMS, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and all fire districts within the county who responded to and contributed to the successful resuscitation of a victim of cardiac arrest. These patients were clinically dead, with no heartbeat or breathing, and brought back to life through the highly trained efforts of these responders.