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North Collier Fire Rescue has begun using new medic first responder bags. Reserve Firefighter Eric Maavich (left) and Firefighter/Paramedic Isac Gaitan (right) show off the new bags.  This pair of medic bags replace the four bags previously used to house all of the same supplies. Not only are the new bags more space efficient, they also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  Should any damage or excessive wear occur, the manufacturer will replace the bag at no charge. The bags and the supplies contained within are consistent across all 10 stations and apparatus. This is helpful when a firefighter moves to a different station – he knows that the medic bags are stocked consistently.  You may be wondering about the two colors of bags?  The yellow bag contains basic life support components including airway support and the red bag contains more advanced medicines and other essentials used in advanced life support efforts. Not all fire departments in Collier County have State licensed Paramedics with the authority to perform advanced life support as does North Collier Fire. We are proud of our history of saving lives in Collier County.