EMS Council

Mission Statement

“Our single overriding objective –prompt, compassionate, clinically excellent care.”

EMS Council MtgThe EMS Council of the Collier County Fire & EMS Chiefs’ Association has become a leader in the medical community by examining existing structures and protocols, evaluating current legislation and determining actionable steps for improvement.

The Council is equally dedicated to an information exchange of all issues involving medical services, interstate transportation, local ambulance services, disaster relief and the personnel committed to these efforts.

Our primary goals are improving safety of emergency personnel and victims in these situations, as well as improving processes.

This mission is achieved by:

  • Anticipating, understanding and responding to our patients
  • Investing in staff development and training
  • Communicating effectively with staff and the public
  • Fostering a sense of team spirit and ownership among staff
  • Encouraging and rewarding innovation
  • Demanding an open and responsible style of management and leadership
  • Remembering that a continuous vision will always encourage and enhance change

The EMS Council typically meets every two months. Check Upcoming Events to see the next meeting date.