North Collier Fire Rescue First Responders Recognized with Collier County Phoenix Awards

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, North Collier Fire Rescue First Responders were recognized with the Collier County Phoenix Award for the successful resuscitation of a victim of cardiac arrest. The award is names after the Phoenix, a mythological bird that died and rose renewed from its own ashes. 

Collier County Emergency Medical Services Department (EMS) has adopted the PHOENIX AWARD, to recognize persons from Collier County EMS, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and all fire districts within the county who responded to and contributed to the successful resuscitation of a victim of cardiac arrest. These patients were clinically dead, with no heartbeat or breathing, and brought back to life through the highly trained efforts of these responders. 

More than 160 emergency response personnel from around the County were recognized for the 31 patients resuscitated over a six-month period. While only five out of 100 people in most large cities survive a cardiac arrest, Collier County far exceeds the national average. 

Those recognized from North Collier Fire Rescue included Eng. Alberto Afung, Eng. Dave Butler, Lt. Chris Cardwell, FF Gregory Carr, FF Chandler Craft, FF Jesse Dewitt, Lt. Ken Duffy, FF Adam Hanft, Eng. John Harlem, Lt. Jonathan Hise, Lt. Bret Jameyson, Lt Josh Kirk, FF David Laurich, Eng. Brent Loewel, FF Vincent Parker, FF Michael Popper, FF Manny Romero, Eng. Jeffrey Simonson, Lt. Anthony St. Louis, FF William Szczepkowski, FF Jami Torrella, FF Bruno Valdivia, Eng. Richard Wagoner, Capt. Brian Wertz and FF Victor Yedra.

Pictured left to right: Chief Tabatha Butcher-Collier County EMS, FF Manny Romero, Lt. Josh Kirk, FF Victor Yedra, Lt. Ken Duffy, FF Jami Torrella, Lt. Chris Cardwell, Lt. Anthony St. Louis, Eng. Dave Butler, FF Gregory Carr, FF Vince Parker, FF David Laurich, FF Michael Popper, Captain Brian Wertz, Eng. Alex Wagoner and FF Bruno Valdivia