Thank you to WaveJet of Florida!


North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District is the proud new owner of this beautiful motorized paddle board!  WaveJet of Florida graciously donated the paddle board to our District to assist with life saving efforts at the beach.

Here are a few stats:

  • Currently, this board is the only one of its kind in the world. North Collier Fire Rescue is the first and only rescue organization with such a board.
  • Rescue agencies around the world are awaiting for production and sales of the board for their own use.
  • 11′ in length.
  • Propelled by a jet propulsion system – clean, quiet, battery-powered miniature jet drive that is eco-friendly.
  • Moves at 7mph with 20 lbs. of thrust
  • Continuous run time of 50-55 minutes
  • Retail value of the donated paddle board is $4,000.

WaveJet of Florida will be training our personnel on the operations and use of the paddle board to ensure full efficiency and safety.

The paddle board will be an integral part of our beach rescue efforts.

THANK YOU TO BRAD HARTFIELD, OWNER OF WAVEJET OF FLORIDA, FOR THIS NEWEST MEMBER OF OUR APPARATUS FLEET.  To learn more about the technology behind the motorized paddle board, visit the WaveJet of Florida website